Easy to use Form Builder for Notion.

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Create beautiful forms to fill your Notion tables. It takes seconds, you don't need to know how to code and it's free.

NotionForms was created to help Notion users to achieve more with their favourite tool. Need a contact form? Doing a survey? Create a form in 3 minutes and receive responses directly in Notion.


  • Infinite Number of Fields
    There are no limits on the number of input fields in your forms. Create as many as your Notion database has if you want to. Organize fields and decide which are required.
  • Infinite Number of Forms
    You can create as many forms as you need. You can even create multiple forms for the same Notion database, with more or less fields.
  • Infinite Responses
    All of you forms can have unlimited responses, no need to worry about quotas and other stressful metrics.
  • Notifications
    Receive notifications directly in your mailbox whenever your from has a new submission (if you want to).
  • Integrate Anywhere
    You can integrate your form anywhere: on your website or even directly within a Notion Page.
  • Dark Mode
    A beautiful dark mode. Integrate your form to your Notion page, and it will look beautiful. Even if you're using the dark mode.

... and more!


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Julien Nahum



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